3 Interesting Influencer News in 2021

Getting attention is always important for influencer’s success. Why? because when you get attention, your profile is visited by people more and when your page is visited more you get more followers so more people talk about you which is what most of the brands wants when they search influencers to collaborate. However, to get more attention, influencers might go beyond the limit and sometimes this ends with interesting outcomes. Here, we are going to talk about 3 interesting influencer news.

An English Youtuber Is Abducted by Aliens

English Youtuber Abbie Bela was always making jokes about being abducted by aliens in her streams. In May 2021, in a hot night suddenly when she was sleeping, she saw a white bright lights and she heard a voice in her dream. That voice called her and said “wait at the usual spot” Even dough Bela have never heard some voice like this before, she knew what that voice meant. The next night, she waited at her room- very close to the window. And suddenly a she saw something at sky through window and a green beam catch her to pull UFO. Bela said that: “in such situations most of the people feel panic but me no as I am always encountered with such things.” When she reached the ship she saw 5 aliens and one them started to talked her through telepathy. Bela does not give any specific information about aliens physically appearance but said that they are tall and have big black eyes. Also, Bela claims that she falls in love one them but the two lovers have to separate quickly as aliens send Bela back to her home after 20 minutes.

Of course she explained all of this in her Youtube channel. It is up to you to believe Bela’s story but definitely this is very interesting news.

2 Influencer Couple Have Been Deported from Bali

A Russian influencer and American Youtuber decided to go vacation on Bali, Indonesia. While the Covid19 pandemic as it is at its peak point, not putting mask is illegal but this couple fed up with putting mask so they got a “brilliant” idea. They draw a fake-mask in their face and they walk in the city while they record this situation. They enter a supermarket and the security of the supermarket did not notice the couple so the couple laugh and make jokes about it and then they upload it to the Youtube. After their upload, police of the island start a head hunt on the couple and the police arrest these two. In the end, as Indonesia police is very angry rather than giving the penalty written on the law which is just 70 USD, they deport the couple from Indonesia.

A Non-existent Influencer Leads the Masses

Digitalization, augmented reality, robotics are the things we always hear under technology and future. But have you ever heard virtual influencers? These are software programs which imitate reel influencers. These virtual influencers are prepaid according to social media users’s sense and perception of “perfect” they influence masses. One of the most famous virtual influencer is Lil Miquela and she already has 3 million followers on her Instagram account. She posts photos of her daily activities, she recommends products, she even shares her baby pictures and her followers like it. So, expect to see more of these kind of influencers in the future.

Also we are going to talk more about virtual influencers in the future.