Some Statistics About Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is not a new marketing strategy. People have been following other people they consider close to or inspired for a long time. For the last few years, influencer marketing has become an industry that hosts marketing products based on what people mostly buy. We can see that the reason is because of people’s reputation and their popularity on social media. Being an Influencer seems to have been a profession for a lot of people in the virtual world.

Fundamental Stats About Influencer Marketing

70% of young people trust an influencer more than a celebrity

It’s hard for brands to build trust in customers as influencers do. You may be a known and loved brand, but you are still a brand. You can’t communicate like an individual, it’s hard to approach the consumer with that sincerity, but you can do it thanks to influencers. When an influencer that you choose correctly according to your brand, advertises your product, your brand character and reputation will be transferred to your customers through an individual.

Another positive aspect of this sector is that you do not have to spend effort and time promoting and defining your brand. Isn’t it more practical for the person that the customer follows and trusts to deliver the message of your brand for you?

86% use of social media for buying advice in women

If women are the priority of your target audience, this ratio should definitely be important to you. To reach more female consumers, you need to be active on social media and closely examine the influencers they follow the most.

According to some data circulating in the middle, Instagram and Facebook have played a huge role in the purchase of products or services by more than 50% of female consumers. Here, influencers’ promotions have been effective. As a brand, you also need to find, hold influencers up as an example or collaborate with them, which are suitable for you to achieve these rates.

Influencer recommendations affect consumers by 49%

A brand that sees this statistic immediately needs to understand that it has to use social media actively. In addition to 49% of people heeding advice, 40% buy products they see from these influencers. The more trust that influencer has, the more likely it is that people will get the product, which the influencer shares. If you find such influencers and start working with them, you can increase commitment and trust in your brand.

Brands earned $6.50 per $1 spent thanks to influencer campaigns

According to a study, about 60% of marketers are considering raising influencer spending. For brands that constantly adapt themselves, this area appears as a channel that moves very quickly. This percentage shows that consumers earned through influencers are more potential customers as a result of investments.

40% of consumers block ads

Ever-growing internet users have started blocking ads. Even in America, this use of ad blocking has managed to reach an average of 40% for computers alone. But thanks to influencers, this ratio is stabilizing. Users don’t block the ads that are promoted by their lovely and inspiring influencers. On the contrary, they fall even further into their promotions. In this way, the power of advertising passes into the hands of influencers, that is, real people.