A New Milestone for ILONSI

Today, it’s been two and half weeks that ILONSI’s new app launched. In this eighteen days, ILONSI achieved to reach 3500 users from different countries while the major part of the users in Sweden and Turkey. ILONSI 2.0 is a big breakthrough when you consider our beta version app. New app design, opening accounts as agency, new filter system, new ad set up page each of these features make ILONSI better from its past. The new features keep coming as we update ILONSI 2.0 every week, so still there are lots of points to be improved. Before second investment round for ILONSI, we are aiming to reach 10.000 users which is hard but an achievable target. We keep continue to bring good results for ILONSI. We are very happy to see your intense interest on ILONSI and it keeps us motivated to work more to do better. Thanks for all of our users.

If you have any suggestions please feel comfortable to contact with us.