Agencies Are Welcome to the ILONSI

As most of you know, ILONSI is founded to facilitate influencer- brands collaborations and while facilitate it, ILONSI does not take any commission contrary to most of the other agencies and marketplaces in the influencer marketing industry. Since our beta version start in 2020, we serve brands and influencers however in our minds there were always another group too which is agencies. From start of the ILONSI project, we understood that, big brands generally prefer to use agencies to outsource their marketing campaigns and of course influencer marketing projects are also managed by these agencies. So to make possible agencies to register ILONSI system, we worked hard to create “Agency” option in ILONSI when our full app launched in April 2021. However due to technically problems we could not make it until now!

To dowload ILONSI app, you can click the visiual.

Today, when you update ILONSI app, you will be able to see “Agency” button in registration page and now agencies can show themselves in ILONSI.

With agency feature, our users can mediate collaborations between influencers and brands. We expect to see 3 different kind of agencies in ILONSI. Firstly, there will be marketing agencies who want to search influencers for their clients. These agencies can contact with influencers on behalf of their clients and also they can create ads for their clients too. For the second, we expect influencer agencies in ILONSI. These agencies can use ILONSI to, develop their influencer portfolio and they can use ILONSI to find collaborations for their influencers. Think about it. For example, one influencer in the agency is going to do camping, so agency will be able to share this info to brands and a camping tools brand can easily see it. For the last type of agency, we expect freelancers or entrepreneurs to create agency accounts to become a middleman in the collaborations. This group can create their own agency easily and can use ILONSI to find both influencers and brands to meet them.

The group of the agency is not important as we expect agencies to create a hype in ILONSI. With agencies, number of collaborations will increase.

So, let’s welcome agencies!