Creators or Influencers?

ILONSI always update you with the recent developments, discussions and news about influencer marketing industry around the world. It’s been a while, there is a discussion about creators and influencers in the industry. Basically, most of the Europe based sector participants claim that influencers are losing grasp on customer’s purchase preferences. For this reason, they want to replace influencers’ position in the market and this cause us to think about the future of the influencers.

Influencers are criticized because, they manipulate their engagement rate, follower numbers and other important stats about themselves. As it is easy to manipulate numbers, even an average people can call himself as influencer and while it is hard to differentiate good influencers to bad ones, overall standards for the influencers are very low. Moreover, low standards involve low mind-set and low ethical standards for influencers, so mostly they are just money-oriented and one day they promote a brand and the other day they promote the main rival of that brand. As a result, customers understood the influencers’ low standards and they lost their trust on them. At this point social media marketers want to use creators rather than influencer.

So why creators are better than influencers?

Creators create authentic and creative contents to express themselves so their contents are unique and not money oriented.

Their engagement rate is higher as the followers of creators follow them for their creative content.

Creators are artists or performers while influencers are showcasers.

Creators’ ads are mostly created by themselves while influencers take scenario and visuals from the brand.

Creators have skills while influencers have interests.

In a short look these are the differences of creators from influencers and with their authentic and creative contents social media users prefer to follow creators and trust them. In the future, as trend continue in this way, we expect brands prefer more creators over influencers.