ILONSI Influencer Meetings

ILONSI has been organizing meeting events for the last 4 months with some influencers who have registered to its platform. Influencers coming to these events are selected according to certain criteria such as the number of followers, interest, profile content, influencer type.

ILONSI, which has carried out 8 events so far, will continue to do these activities. In these social events, influencer and company relationship is created, while influencers form a good bond between themselves.

Influencers are providing feedback for ILONSI, as well as making various suggestions and conveying their own experience. These meetings are sometimes sponsored by different brands. 2-3 brands per event can be sponsored, while they also get the opportunity to promote their products. Influencers see or try these products and share them with their followers.

For example, a large pizza brand executes its launch while providing food to our events for 1 month. Another big brand is delivering makeup products as a gift to influencers to announce its upcoming discount. Even some people outside of Istanbul had come to the event of this brand.

Ilonsi, which organized two meetings during the new year, continued to cooperate with various brands. While the influencers participating in these two new year’s eve events are experiencing new year’s excitement, the gifts are not neglected. Cosmetics from one brand are presented to influencers participating in these events, while on the other hand, a perfume brand and one of the major soft drink brands send a lot of products for influencers to try.

ILONSI, which will continue these meetings that are useful to everyone, will lead innovations to increase brand awareness and revolutionize this sector. In addition to being a marketplace that brings influencers and brands together, ILONSI aims to bring these people together and create collaborative environments in real life.