How Brands Are Using Instagram Stories

In general, many of us have caught certain clues about the use of Instagram by influencers. While influencers post regularly, they don’t go through the day without posting a few stories every day. So, what about brands, how do brands use their Instagram stories? In today’s blog post, we will share a research report generated by Social Insider.

2548 business accounts were included in the scope of the research and the following results were obtained.

51% of brands share videos on their stories

Brands give importance to the video content in the story they share. The fact that, video content increase the authenticity of videos and users prefer videos more than photos because of this authenticity. Thus, when the brand advertises its own video story, it gains more clicks. In addition, stories shared as photos can be viewed for 7 seconds, while stories shared as videos can be viewed for 15 seconds. This is another reason why brands prefer video.

However, this is not true for brands over 100,000 followers. Stories shared on business profiles over 100,000 followers are 60% photos and 40% videos.

A few tips for Instagram video stories;

Users prefer videos in vertical format.

9:16 is the standard scale for Instagram story videos.

Videos can last up to 15 seconds.

On average Brands share stories 7 days in a month

According to research result evaluated regardless of the number of followers, brands’ accounts share 7 stories in a month on average. This means that they actually share 1 story in 4 days.

When we look at the number of followers, brands with 100,000 followers or more, appear as the group that shares the most, sharing 1 story in 2 days on average.

The ideal number of story sharing in a day is 6

As you share content on your social media account, it becomes easier to get interaction and stay in the mind of your followers, but according to the research, when it comes to stories shared in a day, each story gets less interaction than the previous story. When it comes to the 6th Story, only 70% of those who see the first story have seen the 6th Story, and the decline accelerates after that. For this reason, sharing more than 6 stories in 24 hours is not considered reasonable.

Business accounts with fewer followers gets more engagement with stories

Business profiles with smaller audiences can interact with more people thanks to their stories. According to the research, when business profiles with less than 10,000 followers share stories, 9% of their followers interact with the story, while in business profiles with 100,000 followers, 4.59% of the followers interact with the story.