How Can You Make Your App More Visible On Stores?

As it is known when you create a new website it is very important to be on the first page of search engines such as Google and this is one way to measure the success of your website. It is important because if you are not in the first page then your website visibility decreases and your website gets less traffic due to low amount of people who continue their search on next pages of search engines. When the traffic is low then you can sell less product and in the end your business model will be on the risk.

The same situation exists for applications too. Users make searches on Appstore and Playstore according to their interests and they want to find suitable apps for their interests. Additionally, most of the users, browser top charts and categories too. For this reason, your app should be listed at top levels if you want to be successful. To illustrate it, according to a research made among Android users and IOS users, people discover new apps more when they browse Appstore or Playstore. Secondly, it is followed by recommendation and the last is looking top charts. To dig it more, 63% of IOS users find new apps when they browser on Appstore and 58% of Android users find new apps when they browser Google Playstore.

Within these numbers, once again it is confirmed that to be ranked at the top of the search results is fatal. So what should we do to be ranked at the top of the search results in Appstore and Playstore.

Description of the App

It is important to make detailed explanations of your app in the store’s download page. Algorithms of the store places where your app should be in the store and your app become visible to users.


When you describe your app you should select some keywords which is the main subject of your app. These keywords should be used as many as possible on the description of the app. With the help of these keywords, your app will be ranked at the top when a user makes searches by your keywords. For example, ILONSI’s keywords are “influencer, brands, agencies and collaborations” so when a user make searches by typing influencer, ILONSI will be at the top of the results.

Download Rate

When people download your app more your app become a hotspot in the store and store’s algorithms show your app more for the search results.

Rates and Reviews

Your app should be rated with lots of stars and also there should lots of reviews. When your app rated up and have positive comments store’s algorithms believe that your app is working quite well and people liked to use it.  That’s why store recommend your application to other people too.


Basically title is very short version of description. So write just a one sentence which consists of your keywords.


As it is said before, people tend to look top charts. To be in the top charts you should select the category of your application and when you select the category your app will be showed there.