How Important Is It To Show Presence On Youtube?

Youtube, which reaches 5 billion video watches every day, serves approximately 2.5 times more users than Instagram with an average of 2 billion monthly users according to data published in 2019. Among social media channels, Youtube is the only one that sharing is only with videos, therefore it becomes an important platform where users should be active compared to other channels. Of course, considering the factors such as video edit, time spent, and budget, one thinks if it is worth it. Here we wanted to provide you with some very unknown information about Youtube.

Not just a social platform

In addition to being a video-sharing channel, Youtube is also the second most used search engine in the world, such as Google and Yandex. In other words, if you’re present on YouTube then it means you also benefit from an average of 3 billion search markets per month. If your video meets a need or is content that can create long-term interest, your brand will also be visible for a long time when searching.

In short, your video is much more likely to appear on YouTube than on another social media channel. It’s possible that it still will be monitored years later.

The group that increases on YouTube

They usually know YouTube as a platform that younger people use. People aged 35 and over have recently been rising 1.6 times faster than average users. These people are using YouTube to discover more about the new products and services. Keeping in mind these, a presence on YouTube is a logical reason.

According to a survey, Youtube reaches about 95% of adults every month. Besides, in recent years in Turkey, the monthly viewing of channels such as NTV, CNN Turk, which usually consist of news and political content, has increased at a rate of 5 times.

60% of people prefer video platforms instead of TV

Day by day, the influence and use of such platforms are increasing. Instead of streaming a particular program, it seems much more convenient for people to choose to watch the channel they want when and on the platform they want. 60% of people use video platforms like Youtube instead of TV.

YouTube decides 70% of the videos people watch on YouTube

Youtube always offers and shows users similar content according to the videos they watch or what they are looking for using its algorithms. Interestingly, 70% of the total videos viewed on YouTube consist of videos that the company recommends to its users according to algorithms. Youtube is an extremely important channel for brands to produce videos specific to their target audience they target and observe how their campaigns are performing.