How to Increase Engagement Rate of an Instagram Profile?

There are many ways to differentiate a good Instagram profile and a bad Instagram profile. Within these ways brands can evaluate the influencer they wanted to work with and brands can understand that if the influencer is real one or not. In this blog post we are going to talk about engagement rate which is one of the way of differentiation and how you can increase your Instagram profile’s engagement rate.

Basically, the engagement rate measures how much do your followers follow and engage with your profile. Instagram post, likes & comments, story reactions, how much swipe up you generate are each element to measure engagement rate. So, if your engagement rate is high, this is a good thing and indicates that your followers are really follow your actions and they react these actions which is what brands really wants from you. When you linked your Instagram profile to your ILONSI profile, ILONSI automatically retract your engagement data and shows to the brands.

As it said before, it is good to have high level of engagement rates so how you can increase your engagement rates?

Plan Your Social Media Posts

First of all, it is very important make plans in social media. Because nobody engages with your profile if you post 10 photos in one week and disappear for the following 2 months. Also, if you post to many photos in very short time, Instagram algorithm recognizes your photos as a spam and only few of your followers can see them. In that case likes and comments decrease and so your engagement rate too. You need to be careful about your stories too. If you share lots of stories each day, most of your followers don’t see your stories and this will end up with the same result which is low engagement rate. It is best to share 3-4 photos in a week and 2-3 stories in a day. Furthermore, days and hours are also important when you decide to share your content. With statistics, Instagram can show you in which days and which hours of the week Instagram users visit your profile at most. If you arrange according to these days and hours more people can see your content and it means more like and comment you can get from them.

Hashtags and Locations

With placing hashtags and locations to your contents, you make content more visible. Generally, people follow hashtags and search locations on Instagram. If your content appears in the hashtag’s page, people who found this hashtag interesting may follow you and engage with your content. We, all know that people tend to engage with the content which address their interest.

Talk with Your Followers

You have to talk with your followers who sent a direct message to you, liked you and commented to you. Do not forget that to make a communication you need two people. If you act as a wall against your follower, in the end they will lose their interest on you. For this reason, to appreciate your followers’ efforts give answers their comments, reply their direct messages and even like their posts too. It is not that hard and if you like their photo be sure that they will like your photo more. Moreover, to make this transaction faster, you can arrange your posts. There are many different options you can use. You can ask their opinions about your dress, you can ask about their ideas about a subject which is really in mainstream at the moment. You can do surveys; you can adapt your posts sub texts.

Organize Giveaways

Giveaways are also a good way to increase your engagement rate. Even dough it looks a bit artificial, with giveaways you can get more followers and with the conditions of the giveaway you can get more comments and likes. Also your stories can be seen by more people.

Engagement rate is one of parameter which brands pay attention. However, today influencers are creating groups where each member likes and comments to the contents of other and it manipulates the engagement rate. For this reason, brands are using different measurement tools too.