ILONSI In 6 Questions

What is ILONSI?

ILONSI is a Marketplace which is specially created for influencers, brands and agencies. With using ILONSI, brands, agencies and influencers can collaborate quickly and smoothly in influencer marketing campaigns.

Who can use ILONSI?

Influencers: In ILONSI’s marketplace we don’t evaluate influencers on their follower numbers. So, nano influencers, micro influencers, macro influencers and mega influencers are all welcome to the ILONSI to collaborate with brands.

Brands: It doesn’t matter which sector does your brand operate, you can use ILONSI if you want to do easy and fast influencer marketing campaigns without paying any commission.

Agencies: Either you are a marketing agency which represents a brand or an influencer agency which searches right opportunities for your influencers, you can both register in ILONSI.

How ILONSI Can Ease Collaborations?

Influencer collaborations in ILONSI’s marketplace are very easy and fast.

Brands can use 3 different ways in ILONSI to find influencers for their influencer marketing campaigns. First, brands can search influencers in ILONSI’s database according to criteria’s and brands can send direct messages to influencers that they want to collaborate. Another option is; brands can create advertisements in ILONSI where brands describe what kind of influencers they are searching and what is the assignment. Later influencers apply to this advertisement and brands can select. The last option is; influencers can send direct messages to brands and influencers can explain themselves.

Influencers can either apply to the brands ads or influencer can send direct messages to brands about collaborations they want to make.

Agencies can act as like as brands or influencers according to their nature. If the agency is influencer agency then it can use ILONSI as influencers use and if the agency is marketing agency, it can use ILONSI like a brand.

What Is More in ILONSI?

Advanced Search & Filter helps brands, influencers and agencies to find their partners easily.

Automated Contract System always keeps brands, influencers and agencies under legal protection in every collaboration.

Global Collaborations allows brands, influencers and agencies to seek opportunities beyond borders.

Secure Payments System of Stripe protect your money in every step at the time of collaboration.

When It Is Right Time to Use ILONSI?

When you want to make influencer marketing and you don’t know where to start ILONSI can help you.  When you are a bit tight in the schedule and you need to find an influencer as soon as possible, you can use ILONSI. When you are not sure about influencer’s performance you can use ILONSI. When you want to collaborate with brands, you can use ILONSI. So there are many different reasons and the answer is ILONSI.

How ILONSI Is Global?

ILONSI is a global marketplace as brands,agencies and influencers can download ILONSI freely from all around the world but currently most of the users are from Sweden and Turkey