ILONSI Influencer Academy

ILONSI is always in search for new ideas and opportunities to create better eco-system for influencer marketing industry. By aiming this, our team focused on the create new projects in which we can create win-win solutions for every parties and improve the market conditions. As ILONSI operates since 2020 summer, we are always receiving bad feedbacks from both brands and influencers as the two parties mostly don’t know what to expect each other. To solve this problem, we decided to organize influencer academy where brands and influencers can participate without paying any money.

Right now, we are still working on the details of influencer academy, but it is going to be like an online courses for influencers and brands separately. For influencers, we are going to explain; what does influencer mean, how to create good contents, how to edit photos, how to get contact with brands, in which way an influencer can collaborate with brands and such,

For brands, we are going to show them how they can use influencers for their marketing campaigns, how to analyse an influencer is good or not, how to measure ROI for influencer marketing campaigns, how to create creative content and many more.

The courses will be seasonal and of course there will be limited participant list to protect efficiency how the courses. First the project will be tested in Turkey and if we get the results we want, we will expand it to Sweden and U.K. In Turkey we asked the opinions of our followers about the project and 99% who participated to survey wants participate this project.

ILONSI’s survey in English : “Do you want to participate free influencer academy course?” YES 99%, NO 1%

At the end of the project, we will arrange collaborations between brands and influencers if we are content with their development. With this, we are going to create more collaborations and we give a chance to utilize the courses they learn in daily life.