ILONSI Thanks to Its Investors

As many of you know, ILONSI AB, one of the ILONSI group companies, has been collecting investments through Fundedbyme, a stock exchange platform in Sweden since August. This 1.5-month period ended with the dates showing September 15. In this time, which was first open only to our former investors, we were attacked by other investment firms in Sweden in a way we did not want. Our business model has been criticized by these firms. In Sweden, ILONSI AB collected funds for other start-ups by using influencers to sell shares of these start-ups but when we wanted to sell our own shares with this method, these investment firms criticized us by being un ethical. This is a debatable subject but we are 100% sure that our business model is legal when we think freedom of expression  and liberal market in the Sweden. We have had several meetings with the Swedish press in order to fight with these investment firms, which also use the press in this whole process, and to satisfy the curiosity and question marks in the public.

At the end of the day, we ended our private investment round which was only open to our former investors, earlier than we expected and then we open our investment round to everybody.

Although we do not have any legal responsibility in this process, we decided not to use influencers and shortened the process. After all, we would like to thank our former investors who trusted us no matter what during this whole process. In addition, we would like to thank our new investors, who did not listen the words of rival investment companies with the statements made by ILONSI AB, and we had the chance to explain the vision of ILONSI.

Lastly, we promise that we will evaluate the 735.000 SEK, we obtained from 133 investors who trust ILONSI in the most efficient way for the company, the investors of the company and the influencers, brands and agencies from the important stakeholders of the sector we are in.

Thank you for trusting us.