ILONSI Version 2.0

Although it cannot be fully measured, influencer marketing expenditures in Turkey are estimated to exceed 100 million TL. It seems that this amount will increase even more in 2021.


Registration and Login

In this article, we will talk about a few sample designs for the ILONSI version 2.0, which is expected to arrive in March. Of course, future features can change later, they are just ideas, not final decisions.

Previously, there were 2 registration options as “Influencer” and “Brand”, while in the new version, users can become members in 3 ways. These are” Brand”, “Influencer”, and “Agency ” options. In this way, Influencer agencies also can continue their work through ILONSI and carry out their cooperation. Besides, this design makes it easier for users to see registration options compared to the older version of the app.

Search Menu

From now on, brands will be able to see both influencers and other brands. Next, Influencers will appear with larger pictures and other information under their pictures, creating a more eye-catching design.

Creating Ads

In the current version of ILONSI, brands cannot understand whether their ads require changes or why they are not accepted. In the second version, they will be able to see if the created ads are being reviewed or if a change is requested. So the whole process will become simpler.