ILONSI’s New Investment Round Has Started!

The time has come! For a long time, as ILONSI group, we have been waiting this month. With the start of the month of August, ILONSI’s new private investment round has started. In 2020, ILONSI’s first investment round was launched on Fundedbyme who is very reputable crowd-funding firm in Sweden. At that moment, ILONSI was just an idea and for just a couple of month, we found 800 investors who completely trust us and we achieved to collect 3 millions SEK. Within the investment ILONSI had collected, new firms are found in Sweden, Turkey and Cyprus and we created our beta application in 2020 July. For six months, we collected lots of data about influencer marketing industry’s participants who are influencers and brands and we analysed tons of data to understand their preferences. In the end, we developed ILONSI 2.0 which is completely a new app and we launched it on 2021 April. From that day to today, we have reached 7500 users and hundreds of influencer collaborations while we have collaborated with lots of reputable firms such as Fundedbyme, Istanbul Airport, Redbull and M.A.C Cosmetics. Today, to make more we need to grow.

To expand ILONSI geographically to the countries where influencer marketing is at the top level and to create additional value for our marketplace’s influencer and brand members, we need to refresh and fortify our resources. For ILONSI, this means more team members, more marketing budget and more research and development while for ILONSI’s members it means, better application performance, more collaboration and global opportunities.

Moreover, this new resource allows us to realize our new projects such as ILONSI Store.

ILONSI’s private investment round will be open in August and only our old investors can invest more in ILONSI with some campaigns and good offers. This is a way for us to appreciate our old investors who trusted us while ILONSI was just an idea. After the private investor round finish, our investment campaign will be open to everybody. The whole process will be finished in two months you have lots of time to think.

To see our investment page in Fundedbyme, you can click here. For more info, you can contact us via our social media channels.

We are very grateful as you allow us to share our excitement.