ILONSI’s New Website is on Stream!

ILONSI Group found on July 2020 and today it is an important day for us as we reached an important milestone. It is known that ILONSI’s beta application has been on the App Store and PlayStore for a long time in order to collect data, understand preferences of users and analyse the consumer behaviours.

Today as March 2021, our test program has been completed and we launched ILONSI’s full version of application and a new website. ILONSI’s brand new website completely aims to give information about ILONSI, now. However, at the end of the year, full functional ILONSI’s website will be on stream in where users can do in this future website whatever they can in the application.

Now, ILONSI’s website is more functional then the old one. As most of the ILONSI users know, we are writing articles and texts about influencer marketing, social media trends and news from influencers. Normally, these articles were on the another website which is With this new website we combined these two so you can see our articles on ILONSI’s website. So, it is easier to reach educational content for you.

Another important update for ILONSI’s website is the case study page. This page is good especially for new & curious brands. Basically, ILONSI going to share its previous projects and the stories about successful brands who used ILONSI for their influencer marketing projects. So, these curious brands can discover in what way and how influencer marketing can help them.

The new website also has a page for ILONSI’s events. It is a fact that ILONSI is always side with sincere and open communication with its users and followers. Within this policy, users and followers can see photos, dates and announcements about ILONSI’s events such as ILONSI TV competitions, Special day events, ILONSI preview events and any other events we held.

Some Visuals from ILONSI app

Through our beta test, we understand that to contact with us Instagram DM is not enough as users and followers to use different platforms too to reach us. So, ILONSI’s new website has a part where you can fill a form to contact us.

Whole updates for ILONSI’s website is like this. However, as we value to be innovative and we like to push ourselves, new updates and features are approaching. We hope our users & followers are going to like the new website and you can reach us if you have recommendations or ideas to make us better.

Together, to more collaboration!