Influencer Marketing: 2025

Our readers who follow our previous articles know pretty well that influencer marketing is a newborn sector and still in its infancy. This situation enables a lot of potentials as well as a lot of threats. So, to what extent will this market be grown on its 10th anniversary in 2025?

Many market research companies are researching this issue, and an estimate is emerging based on this research. According to the research results of Marketsandmarkets, one of the leading market research companies in marketing, the economic size of the influencer marketing industry will reach 22.3 billion USD in 2025. These numbers will be realized both with the integration of new brands to influencer marketing and as a result of directing the marketing budgets of companies that are already engaged in influencer marketing activities to more digital channels rather than traditional channels. Apart from all these, while the North American region, namely America and Canada, is in the first place in the world in terms of market size, a new situation emerges in 2025. The Asia-Pacific region takes the leadership in market size. So, the rise of the east will also be seen on the influencer marketing side. The reasons such as the increasing population, the increase in the number of electronic devices used, the increase in the number of social media users are shown as the reasons for this rising trend. Despite China where one billion population has strict controls on the internet side.

Other important trends in influencer marketing besides economic size and geography are also included in this research. Especially important factors that have a share in growth are listed as follows; Increase in the use of software that blocks internet advertising, preferred to watch content-based videos on Youtube instead of OTT’s (Netflix, Amazon, Hulu) broadcasting on the internet, machine learning in the industry, in-depth involvement of the artificial intelligence and big data analysis.

As a result of all these researches, it is estimated that in the 10th year of influencer marketing, it will become very different and at a larger point than its current situation.