Niche Choice for Influencer: Should It One or More Than One?

People who follow influencers have noticed that most influencers focus on a single area, while less on multiple areas. Should an influencer post about one topic or more than one topic?

Those who have just stepped into the influencer world are sharing everything they are interested in. While this is perfectly normal since the vast majority of followers are from his/her circle of acquaintances, the influencer candidate needs to focus on one issue to go beyond his circle. There is more than one reason for this, first of all, people want to see a post on the topic they are interested in so that they can follow the page. If they see posts on a page other than those related to their topics, they don’t like that post and stop following the page. Even if the number of followers on the influencer’s page does not decrease, the influencer’s engagement rate decreases because followers will not comment on and like the topic, they do not like. Brands pay attention to this ratio when collaborating with influencers, so the decrease in this ratio means that influencers will receive less collaboration. So those at the beginning of the influencer path need to focus on the topic that they are most interested in and create their pages on it so that the audience interested in this topic continues to follow the page.

Another reason is that as the Influencer grows, the number of social media usage and posts increases. As a result of this increase, it will take time for the influencer to find creative content on different topics, but at the same time, when the planning is not done properly, it can be a distraction from the goal and he/she can get lost between content plans.

You need to look at large influencers to answer the question of when an influencer should share content on more than one topic. When we think about Danla Bilic, she first grew up shooting makeup videos on YouTube, selecting her followers who are interested in makeup as her audience. Later, as Danla Bilic’s followers loved Danla Bilic herself rather than her content, she became a celebrity. After that point, Danla Bilic dropped her focus on makeup videos and began sharing different content with other celebrities. As she shared different content, she began to reach various users and thus managed to thoroughly grow her audience.

As mentioned earlier, the influencer itself is much more prominent than its content.