Target 2022: ILONSI Store

In today’s blog post we are going to talk about brand new Project of ILONSI Group which is ILONSI Store. the people who follow us for a long time, know that ILONSI Store concept is not newly emerged. In November 2020, we created a ILONSI Store website where brands we made an agreement was selling their product with the help of influencers we agreed. With affiliate links influencers was promoting these brands’ product and they were gaining sales commission. This was a test of a ILONSI Store project and 6 brands and 32 influencers had participated it. During the test period that is one month, we analyzed the situation and completed the test. At the end of the period there were strong points and also weak points.

ILONSI Store’s website in 2020

Today as the missing parts are completed in the concept we are happily announcing you that ILONSI Store will be launched in 2022. For this time, we are creating ILONSI Store in the ILONSI app which is one different point from our test concept. It is a fact that most of the influencers in the Instagram especially the nano and micro ones don’t have swipe up feature. For this reason, their followers have problems to reach the recommended product. With ILONSI Store, influencers are going to have their online showcase and they can show the products of the brands they agreed. This is another, difference from our test version as this time influencer show the products of the brands which they agreed, in test version influencers were selling products of the brands which ILONSI agreed.

ILONSI Store is important for ILONSI too as it will increase traffic in the ILONSI App and the collaboration between brands and influencers will increase.

We are going to keep update the ILONSI Store concept and we will inform you about the latest news on the project.