Influencer Marketing In 2021

One of the most important channels of digital marketing these days is brand advertising carried out through social media phenomena, in other words ‘influencers’.

Brand ads, which most often occur via Instagram and usually occur through profiles with high followers, have become an area where companies increasingly make room in marketing and advertising spending.

These influencers influence the people who follow them with their lifestyle, changing their perspective on things and the way they buy. They also make these platforms a living world by ensuring that these people constantly use them every day.

Influencer Marketing Budgets For 2021

According to a survey of 143 advertising agencies, advertisers, and influencer marketing agencies, 92% of advertisers in Turkey say that the budget they will allocate for influencer marketing will increase in 2021. Also, another result from these data is that in 2020, an average of 85% of the brands that collaborate with advertisers used influencer marketing, and an average of 91% of brands that collaborate with agencies made influencer marketing campaigns. Finally, 92% of Influencer marketing agencies say that the companies they work with will increase influencer marketing spending in 2021.

Although it cannot be fully measured, influencer marketing expenditures in Turkey are estimated to exceed 100 million TL. It seems that this amount will increase even more in 2021.

Furthermore, the first sector in which agencies collaborate the most is the fast-moving consumer goods sector.