Why Facebook Is the Biggest Social Media Firm?

Today, there are many different social media brand which focus on different features to create a differentiation to attract more user. Basically, by differentiate themselves they try to gain a margin on competition. Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram are all in the race to be a king of the social media but the king is already defined. So, why Facebook is the biggest social media firm let’s dig it more.


Facebook’s User Number

Before start let me remind you that Facebook is owner of Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp so Facebook already controls 3 big social media channels. So its user number is the biggest in the world. According to declaration of Facebook, 2.8 billion users are active on monthly basis which means 2.8 billons people sign in their accounts and do something in their Whatsapp, Instagram or Facebook account in a month. On the daily basis, 1.84 billion people become active in Whatsapp, Instagram or Facebook in each day. It is not wrong to say, one quarter of the world population, use Facebook and its products. This is huge!

Facebook Is the Most Used Social Media Channel

Facebook started its business by founding Facebook but later, Facebook bought Instagram and Whatsapp and kept growing to protect its position as a biggest social media firm. But according to a research of eMarketer in 2020, 59% of the social media users are using Facebook. That means that besides Whatsapp and Instagram, Facebook is the still most used social media channel in the world as more than half of the social media users around the world use Facebook to interact.

Facebook’s Ad Revenue

With having such a high user rates, of course the revenue of the Facebook is huge too. For the last quarter of 2020, Facebook earned 27.2 billion USD as an ad revenue while the total revenue of Facebook in the same quarter was 28.1 billion USD. To measure the size of this revenue we can look the Youtube’s 2019 annual ad revenue which was 15.5 billion USD. So, in other words Facebook collected two times higher revenue then Youtube’s annual revenue just in a 3 months.

200 Million Businesses Exist in Facebook

We know that Youtube, Twitter or Snapchat don’t have “business pages” feature in their platforms. Only, Facebook products which are Facebook and Instagram have it. As a fact these stores are promoting their services by giving ads that is the reason why Facebook’s ads revenue is at that level. While the other platforms could not adapt it yet, Facebook became a monopoly in this concept and that allows it to maximize the profits.

Young Generation Keen On Facebook

Contrary to popular belief, young generation still use Facebook to interact with each other. According to Statista 2019, 65% of Facebook users are under age of 35. So, Facebook is still popular for young adults.

Screen Time on Facebook

The time spent on our mobiles and computers increases day by day. When we spend time in devices of course we are using apps. In 2020, average user of Facebook spends 19.5 hours of their time in Facebook in a month. Also, an average Whatsapp user spends 19.4 hours in Whatsapp while it is 10.3 hours in Instagram. So Facebook does not only have high number of users. Also users spend more time in Facebook too.

With all these, there is no doubt that Fcaebook is the biggest social media company in the world. Even dough Facebook has Instagram and Whatsapp, these two are still behind the Facebook. So Facebook’s biggest product is still Facebook platform itself.