For their new product launches which are protein bars and vitamin bars, Fellas needed to increase awareness about what are the benefits of eating these bars and how consumers can take the bars needed in their daily nutrition. Our influencer marketing project with FELLAS FOODS was completed with the participation of 60 influencers to create hype for its new products by organizing giveaways and creating influencer contents.

Finding influencers according to FELLAS’ criteria, ensuring the product deliveries, checking the shared contents, and handing the statistics reports were the key points that were achieved successfully by ILONSI.

Influencers have completed the collaboration by sharing Instagram Reels, stories, and posts depending on their follower number.

Contents Generated

You can check the contents created by influencers in ILONSI for the Fellas collaboration.

Number of Influencers


Total Reach

1.2 milllion

Campaign Duration

2 weeks


For new product launches, influencer marketing can help brands to create hype about new products and can teach consumers how to use these products by giving information about them.