ILONSI’s collaboration with FundedByMe which is a well-known crowd-funding firm in Sweden showed a new method about how to use influencers in order to generate more funds for startups. ILONSI’s influencers sold shares of the start-ups by using special links that are only unique to them. This helped ILONSI and FundedByMe to analyze which influencers are performing well.


For 3 different start-ups, ILONSI and FundedByMe generated more than 8 million SEK investments by using influencers in the finance niche.

Number of Influencers


Generated Funds

8 million SEK

Campaign Duration

1 week for each company


There are always creative ways to use influencers for your brands. With affiliate marketing methods such as creating special links, your company can track which influencers are actually generating leads and you can measure the ROI of the projects.