Using the ‘Bosphorus Zone Game’ filter, story collaborations took place with 60 micro-influencers, of which six were Swedish. Influencers shared several stories by playing the game from the filter section on the profile, shooting the videos which show the score they got in the game, and tagging @igairport & @unifreetr accounts. During the Bosphorus Zone Filter Competition, 10.000 people played the game of IGA: Istanbul Airport on Instagram, and @igairport gained 6744 new followers to their accounts. Influencer stories reached a total of 269,055 impressions with this project.

Using another game filter called the ‘ATC Tower Game’, story collaborations were organized with 54 micro-influencers. Influencers played the game from the filters section of the profile and shot gameplay videos showing how many points they got. This time, only the @igairport page was tagged in the stories. During the “ATC Tower Game” process, IGA: Istanbul Airport’s game on Instagram reached a total of 377,216 impressions with influencer collaborations.

Story collaborations took place with 30 micro-influencers and 12 macro-influencers for celebrating the good news. IGA: Istanbul Airport was chosen the “2nd Best Airport in the World” as a result of the voting in the “World’s Best 10 International Airports” category in the “World’s Best Awards 2021” survey of the well-known Travel and Leisure magazine, based in New York, USA. The project reached a total of 286,363 impressions.

Contents Generated

You can check the contents created by influencers in ILONSI for IGA: ISTANBUL AIRPORT collaboration.

Number of Influencers


Total Impressions


Campaign Duration

2 months in total


To collaborate with lots of micro-influencers instead of several macro-influencers increases the created effect and the trust of the brand.