We have collaborated with 2 macro influencers for Özdilek Home Textile. Here, 20 pieces of trousseau “Elegant Trousseau Set” were introduced. Influencers promoted this product as posts, reels, and stories on Instagram to support the product’s ongoing TV ads. Statistics were taken via UTM links and in total 18 trousseaus were sold.

Another campaign was for Mother’s Day. There were discounts on lots of products on the website. We focused on beddings and sent one to the influencer’s mother as a gift. Influencer shared several stories for this product-based collaboration.

Besides, there were a “Buy 1 Get one Free” campaign on Adidas shoes and other discounts up to %15 on some other product categories on the ozdilekteyim.com website. 2 pairs of sneakers for the influencer and her friend were sent and in return, she shared 2-3 stories for that campaign.

Contents Generated

You can check the contents created by influencers in ILONSI for the Özdilek Home Textile and ozdilekteyim.com

Number of Influencers


Total Reach


Campaign Duration

2 weeks


Using Influencers to show that your brand is preferred by the people who have a high number of followers on social media is a vivid marketing way.