The cosmetics industry is highly competitive as there are many strong brands. ILONSI & M.A.C Cosmetics created a guest list special the brand’s new product launches, which occurred on 10 November 2020. M.A.C Cosmetics needed to boost awareness about their cosmetics products, so they prepared gifts that consisted of cosmetics products worth 1000 TL, and ILONSI delivered them to the 10 invited influencers. Besides, influencers had a chance to meet Hüseyin Kaygusuz, which is a make-up artist, and talk about the latest trends in the beauty sector.

Contents Generated

You can check the contents created by influencers in ILONSI for the M.A.C Cosmetics collaboration.

Number of Influencers


Total Reach

1.5 million

Campaign Duration

1 week


In high competition, to create differentiation for your brand, influencer marketing is a good idea as your products are approved by social figures.